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Cowboys New Schedule starting Feb 8

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Cowboys New Schedule starting Feb 8 Empty Cowboys New Schedule starting Feb 8

Post by Cowboys GM on Thu Jan 29, 2015 1:29 pm

hey guys just want to update my schedule since i am going to a continental shift starting Feb 8. Basically I will be working 12 hours shifts. for example my schedule would be like

Bascially on the 8th which is a sunday i start my work shift at 7pm Saturday Evening until 7 am sunday morning THEN i work sunday evening at 7pm until monday morning 7am then i am off until Wednesday evening when i go back to work at 7pm and also thursday night at 7pm i am then done work until Monday evening when i return to work at 7pm monday night and 7pm tuesday evening then have the following 2 days off

basically what this means for everyone is that i will only have like a 2 hours window when i can play games on the days i work, now for weekend advances more than likely my games will either have to be simmed/auto/or if you catch me usually between 3-4pm until 6ish( i cannot play after 6 since games take a hour)

im around to answer any questions people may have about my availability.
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